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Year 5 and 6 Presentation of learning – What’s the magic of rivers?

To present our learning this term, we banked on visitors flowing into the classroom to see a wide range of work:

  • Monet art
  • river vocabulary
  • life cycles
  • Imovie making
  • Amazonian base 6 maths

After tide-ying and a rocky start,  the children used their mouths to describe and engage our visitors in conversations, and taught them all we knew by drip-feeding information. The confluence (confidence…) was very impressive!

The adults even made their own River creature movies with their own voice overs – all taught by the children. You can stream it below (actually, download, but that’s not a river pun.)

Water way to demonstrate their ex-sail-ent learning!

learning presentation – make a river movie!






Hiking and Adventure club – Forestry work!

For our final H&A club this Autumn term, we went to seek out a pair of christmas trees; one for Hevingham and one for Marsham. We did some quick measuring, needing a tree approximately ‘Miss Greenfield’ tall, and another ‘Mr Gibbons and a half’ tall too. We then bundled our chosen beauties back into the minibus, and took them to their homes!

Competition Winners – Year 5 and 6!

As part of the UEA research Park’s work into antibiotic resistance, Year 5 and 6 have made a film which explores how ABX work, and how they should be used safely!

We entered the film into a county wide competition, and we WON!

As well as the prestige of being film making champions, we also have won a free, all expenses paid trip to the science museum in LONDON!!!!!


Have a watch of the film, I’m sure you’ll see the skill in which the children acted and brought the bacteria and microbes to life!

Well done to Mile Cross Primary too, who created another spectacular film and will be visiting the museum too.

Hevingham and Marsham Primary Football Team or Manchester City?

If you have seen or heard about our football team at Hevingham and Marsham, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Manchester City were playing in the school league. The team have entered the Small Schools league and the Member’s Cup and have done exceptionally well. They started with a tough game against Worsted away in the league, the first game the team had played together. They battled hard and won 4-1.

The team then faced Overstrand in the Member’s Cup again away from home. With a smaller pitch, and some new faces in the squad, the team faced another tough match. However, against all the odds, they played magnificently and went on to win 8-0. They were through to the second round of the cup!

Following that came their first home game, against Tunstead. The team were itching to go, and had a tremendous amount of support from parents, staff and children from both schools, who turned out to support the team. With Mr Green refereeing his first match of the season and Mrs Giles keeping score, Hevingham and Marsham ran out 13-0 winners with another outstanding performance.

After a weeks break we made the trip to Colby only to find that their team had gone to Tunstead to play! We spoke with their coach, who arranges the whole competition and he graciously granted us the points.

Half-term arrived at the right moment; giving the team a welcome break from all things football (though I imagine most of them spent the week playing it at home!)

Unfortunately there is no rest for the wicked as our final league match arrived the week we returned to action against Mr Green’s former school Aldborough. It was likened to Mourinho returning to Stamford Bridge but unlike that particular clash it was a triumphant return and our team triumphed 12-0. This final league result places us at the top of our league, ready to move on the next stage.

All our future matches will be advertised around both schools and we hope for loads of support at any home games we may have.

Finally, a massive thank you to all the parents of the children involved in the team for transport help and the wonderful gifts Mr Green and Mrs Giles received just before half term.

Ks2 hiking and adventure club

20 brave souls…….

Ten detailed maps….

Literally HUNDREDS of metres …..

Hiking and adventure club took on a perilous journey across the wildest landscapes known to the back of school in Hevingham .

image image image image image image

Art Family Learning Day – 3/2/16

Thank you all who cam to our Art Family Learning Day.  It was lovely to have both partnership schools together and enjoy the full range of artistic styles and skills the class teachers have been exploring this term.  The children have a wonderful time and were proud of the work they had produced, remembering the importance of a ‘Growth Mindset’.  For those who have not already seen an example of the importance of growth mindset, I have attached a video called ‘Austin’s Butterfly’ which explains the importance of peer feedback and re-drafting to improve and develop on what has already been done.  This skills and mindset can be applied to all subjects within the curriculum.

Here are a few picture of the day and examples of the work the children were able to produce in the time they had.  It’s already amazing to think what they could potentially produce if given more time allowed the opportunity to produce more than one draft.

North Norfolk Radio

Listen to the children’s answers from Penguin Class to the following question;

‘If you could have a super power, what would it be and why?’

IMG_0716 IMG_0717

Music Family Learning Morning – 6/10/2015

Throughout the morning the children composed and performed a piece of music.  The work they produced is linked to the new curriculum of which I have attached an explanation of below.

It was lovely to see so many parents join us for the morning of which I have already heard many positive comments.  If you would like to share your comment please leave a comment using the ‘Visitor Feedback’ link under Our School.

Outdoor Family Learning Day – 29/9/2015

Today the children participated in many outdoor activities from creating scarecrows to producing philosophical questions about the nature around us.  It was great to see the parents who were able to come and support their children as well as tidy up our garden.