Hilltop 2019 so far!

Wow, what an incredibly busy first half of Hilltop we’ve had…

Climbing, fires, air jump, bikes, food, sleeping, big zipper, agility, teamwork, problem solving, season performances…. The list is endless!


Here are some good ones from a few cameras (more to follow):

Hiking and Adventure club – Forestry work!

For our final H&A club this Autumn term, we went to seek out a pair of christmas trees; one for Hevingham and one for Marsham. We did some quick measuring, needing a tree approximately ‘Miss Greenfield’ tall, and another ‘Mr Gibbons and a half’ tall too. We then bundled our chosen beauties back into the minibus, and took them to their homes!

Our Y5/6 P.o.L – We ARE SATs ready!

On the 22nd of March, many eager adults joined us to hear how our preparation for SATs testing has been going.

The children were ofcourse fantastic; our visitors mentioned that they were:

  • chatty and knowledgable
  • personable and confident
  • well prepared and pleasant!

Well done, you confident bunch!

Ks2 hiking and adventure club

20 brave souls…….

Ten detailed maps….

Literally HUNDREDS of metres …..

Hiking and adventure club took on a perilous journey across the wildest landscapes known to the back of school in Hevingham .

image image image image image image

Outdoor Family Learning Day – 29/9/2015

Today the children participated in many outdoor activities from creating scarecrows to producing philosophical questions about the nature around us.  It was great to see the parents who were able to come and support their children as well as tidy up our garden.