Single Equality Scheme

Single Equality Scheme

This Single Equality Scheme brings together the school’s approach for promoting equality in our policies and procedures and, most importantly, in our day-to-day practices and interactions with the whole school community.

Our scheme includes our whole school – children, staff, governors, parents and carers and all those within our extended school community.

We believe that having this Single Equality Scheme will:

  • support us in our decision-making and policy development
  • give us a clearer understanding of the needs of staff, pupils and their families
  • enable us to provide better quality services which meet varied needs
  • help us target our resources more effectively
  • help promote increased confidence in our school
  • make more effective use of our workforce

We acknowledge that it is very important for all of us to work together in achieving our aim of being fully inclusive and accessible and ultimately in providing a quality learning experience for our children and young people.