Charging for Activities

We try very hard to keep the costs of activities and trips to a minimum. For the majority of circumstances, the school is not allowed to charge for an activity that is part of the school day; though we are allowed to ask for voluntary contributions as long as families are clear that it is not compulsory to pay.  In our schools all children will take part whether or not a voluntary contribution is provided but with insufficient support it may be necessary to cancel the activity.

Legislation allows schools to charge for certain activities, which take place both inside and outside school hours.

Hevingham and Marsham Primary Schools follow Norfolk County Council’s charging policy and these are the activities and materials for which you will be charged:

  • Music tuition: individual tuition in playing a musical instrument, which is neither part of the syllabus for an approved public examination, nor part of the National Curriculum. Schools may charge for instrumental tuition given to groups of no more than four pupils.
  • Ingredients and materials: ingredients and materials for practical subjects where parents have indicated in advance that they wish to receive the finished articles.
  • Travel: the cost of travel when a pupil makes use of transport not provided by the authority or school, to travel direct from home to an activity approved of, but not provided by, the authority or school.
  • Board and lodging: board and lodging will be charged in all cases where a school activity involves pupils in nights away from home.

Remission of charges – only parents who are in receipt of Income Support, Income Based Job Seekers Allowance, support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999, Child Tax Credit and Guaranteed State Pension Credit are eligible for remission of charges. Remission of charges for the schools will be amended in line with the latest local authority guidance.