Whilstleblowing policy May 18

Admissions 18-19

Safeguarding and Child Protection 2018

Admissions 17-18

Anti Bullying Policy 2015

Assessment Policy

Attendance Policy 2014

Attendance Legal Intervention 2014

Aylsham Cluster Calculation Policy

Behaviour Policy Jan 17

Bully Busters Anti Bullying Policy 2015

Care and Control 2016

Code of Conduct Policy

Collective Worship Policy 2015

Complaints Policy March 17

Confidentiality Policy

Access Plan, Mar 2015-18

Data Protection 2016

Disclosure and Barring Service 2016

EYFS Policy Revised Sept 2015

Single Equality Policy 2015-2019

Annual Progress Against Equalities Action Plan, 2015-2016

Equalities Objectives Action Plan, 2015-2016

Equalities Objectives Action Plan, 2016-2017

E Safety Policy Sept 15

Freedom of Information Act 2000

Health and Safety Policy 2016

Home School Agreement 2015

ICT Code of Conduct

Intimate Care Policy

Medical Needs Policy 2015

Mobile Phone Policy Jan 17

Online Safety Policy 2016

Internet User Agreement

Pupil Premium policy 2017 – 2018

Pupil Responsible Internet Use

Record Keeping Policy 2015

School Administration of Medicines 2015

School Finance Policy 2016

SEND and Inclusion Policy 2016

SRE Policy Feb 2014

Tackling Extremism Policy 2015

Photography and the Use of Images

Using Images of Children

School Whistle Blowing Policy

Whole School Food Policy 2016