Art Family Learning Day – 3/2/16

Thank you all who cam to our Art Family Learning Day.  It was lovely to have both partnership schools together and enjoy the full range of artistic styles and skills the class teachers have been exploring this term.  The children have a wonderful time and were proud of the work they had produced, remembering the importance of a ‘Growth Mindset’.  For those who have not already seen an example of the importance of growth mindset, I have attached a video called ‘Austin’s Butterfly’ which explains the importance of peer feedback and re-drafting to improve and develop on what has already been done.  This skills and mindset can be applied to all subjects within the curriculum.

Here are a few picture of the day and examples of the work the children were able to produce in the time they had.  It’s already amazing to think what they could potentially produce if given more time allowed the opportunity to produce more than one draft.

Music Family Learning Morning – 6/10/2015

Throughout the morning the children composed and performed a piece of music.  The work they produced is linked to the new curriculum of which I have attached an explanation of below.

It was lovely to see so many parents join us for the morning of which I have already heard many positive comments.  If you would like to share your comment please leave a comment using the ‘Visitor Feedback’ link under Our School.

Outdoor Family Learning Day – 29/9/2015

Today the children participated in many outdoor activities from creating scarecrows to producing philosophical questions about the nature around us.  It was great to see the parents who were able to come and support their children as well as tidy up our garden.