Vision & Values

Our inclusive Values:

Our Vision Statement:

Our schools, adults and children, work in partnership with the communities, to develop:

Confident and healthy individuals

Successful learners

Responsible citizens

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Confident and Healthy Individuals

Dried acorns with leaves

Successful learners

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Responsible citizens

  • Engaging and nurturing environment where children are encouraged to be interactive and ask questions.


  • Stretch and support so learning is tailored to each child’s level of confidence.


  • Learning and being outdoors is encouraged and valued, with wide ranging PE, daily mile and outdoor learning often.


  • Well-being and health valued highly within teaching, as well as break and lunch times.


  • Self esteem and individual voice given opportunity to flourish and be shared.
  • Thematic planning and teaching with immersive enjoyable environments.


  • Children choose their own level of challenge or support each lesson in Maths, English and other curriculum areas – an inclusive approach to learning.


  • Understanding individual and unique successes for all children, with targets used to demonstrate children’s progress.


  • Applying learning across the curriculum to embed and engage.


  • Encourage motivation and perseverance to create resilience.
  • Children are taught how to behave respectfully and with kindness, regardless of who it is you’re with.


  • Fundamental British values taught so children are ready for a smooth transition to new and different communities.


  • Parents/carers and the wider community are encouraged to be part of the development of the children.


  • Children learn challenging and mature content in our RSE teaching.


  • Apprentices, bully busters, school council and buddies give children many opportunities to have responsibility.


The aims of our schools are the driving force behind our curriculum design, quality first teaching and learning environment.

Our three aims are to create:

  • Successful learners
  • Confident and healthy individuals
  • Responsible citizens

These aims are achieved primarily by the core values we have deeply ingrained within our schools. The Fundamental British values (defined by Ofsted) are explored during class and whole school teaching, including RSE, PATHS lessons and assemblies or collective worship.

We are also a Nurturing School, where providing the care, time and learning the children need to thrive- through class or individual intervention- has a direct positive impact on the progress of each child.

We have also selected a set of key values which support our aims robustly. These are:

  • Respect
  • Motivation
  • Kindness
  • Perseverance

By teaching our children how these values impact on their success and relationships, we can ensure our pupils are engaged in their own development, becoming active learners.