Vision & Values

Our inclusive Values:

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Our Vision Statement:

Our schools, adults and children, work in partnership with the communities, to develop:

Confident and healthy individuals

Successful learners

Responsible citizens

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Confident and Healthy Individuals

Dried acorns with leaves

Successful learners

Dried acorns with leaves

Responsible citizens

  • High levels of self-esteem
  • Highly motivated children
  • High levels of Emotional Intelligence to be able to manage own and others’ feelings
  • Integrity and good judgment
  • Honesty
  • Happy smiling children
  • Children displaying Growth mind sets
  • An environment which builds confidence and a willingness to try in a safe trusted environment where getting it wrong is seen as a positive learning experience
  • Participation for all
  • Disputes are resolved through dialogue
  • Children are taught the skills of negotiating, mediation and conflict-resolution
  • Children debating and publically performing
  • Encourages and celebrates satisfaction and contentment in acquiring new interests, knowledge and skills as the best way of sustaining them
  • Nurturing school where children are nurtured and valued as individuals
  • An enquiring/ curious and discriminating mind and a desire to understand  and reason
  • Resilience and perseverance
  • Proud of their learning
  • Celebration of success in ALL areas of school life
  • Celebration of Learning Strategies
  • Children drafting and re-drafting work to ensure high standards based on high quality feedback
  • Peer feedback and marking
  • Children teaching
  • Independent learning and the establishment of dialogue where people are free to speak their minds with others listening and responding fairly in a trusting and safe environment
  • children taught How to Learn Creativity
  • Collaboration with others but also having the courage to not participate
  • Active, joyful engagement with learning, teaching and relationships
  • Children asking and learning through philosophical questions
  • Respect and value of diversity in the local, national and global communities and the equal worth of others
  • Non-judgmental
  • Equality throughout the school community and a curriculum that focusses on the notions of equity fairness, justice and reflects on how to  reduce inequalities
  • A commitment to the well-being of future generations – building ecological literacy
  • Developing mutually sustaining relationships between the schools and our surrounding communities
  • Social skills: polite, respect, open-mindedness, empathetic, thoughtful, caring, good manners
  • Children involved in decisions about their life to enable them to make informed decisions in the present and the future
  • A theme based curriculum  that shares knowledge with children about local and global realities/others cultures/religions

Adults that should feel:

They contribute, learn and are valued

There are opportunities to develop and innovate

Single Equality Scheme

This Single Equality Scheme brings together the school’s approach for promoting equality in our policies and procedures and, most importantly, in our day-to-day practices and interactions with the whole school community.

Our scheme includes our whole school – children, staff, governors, parents and carers and all those within our extended school community.

We believe that having this Single Equality Scheme will:

  • support us in our decision-making and policy development
  • give us a clearer  understanding of the needs of staff, pupils and their families
  • enable us to provide better quality services which meet varied needs
  • help us target our resources more effectively
  • help promote increased confidence in our school
  • make more effective use of our workforce

We acknowledge that it is very important for all of us to work together in achieving our aim of being fully inclusive and accessible and ultimately in providing a quality learning experience for our children and young people.

Revised with staff, governors and families Sept 2015