Some Statutory Information

A school is like a small model of life in the wider world with all its complexities; naturally therefore, on occasions problems will arise. Generally, if a parent or carer, child or teacher is unhappy about some aspect of the education or care that a specific child is receiving, a quick informal ‘chat’ normally sorts things out. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher if you have school based concerns.

We pride ourselves on being approachable and understanding of your concerns and will do our very best to help resolve matters effectively.  We do ask parents to be calm and not to use aggressive behaviour towards staff.

In the unlikely event that a problem remains unresolved then it is important for parents or carers to contact the Head teacher to discuss the matter. If this does not resolve the situation then parents or carers are able to make a formal complaint. The Head teacher will give you a copy of the Complaints Procedure, the name of the Clerk of the Governors to the school and the name of the person to contact in the Education Department at Norfolk County Hall.  You will then be asked to make your complaint in writing but you can also choose to request a special meeting of the School Governors or of members and officers of the County Council, when your complaint would be considered. The relevant body would then decide whether to uphold the complaint and therefore what should be done about it. In the final instance if a parent is still not satisfied with the outcome of such meetings then a complaint can be made to the Secretary of State for Education.