After School Clubs

Both our schools offer a wide range of activities that are open to children of both schools. Children sign a permission slip to join a club and are encouraged to commit to the club for at least half a term. We change our clubs quite regularly to keep children interested and to respond to their ideas and likes and dislikes.

As Marsham is much smaller, it can be more difficult to staff clubs but there are still some on offer and children from Marsham are encouraged to join after school clubs at Hevingham.

A lot of our children choose to join these clubs and this has helped them to keep fit, make good choices about being healthy and has helped them develop new skills and to feel part of the community.

Previous clubs we have had are as follows:

Movie club, athletics, sewing, drama, tennis, colouring, phonics, animal project, netball, roller-skating, wellbeing, wildlife, story, dodgeball, timetable, Hama beads, art, science, shadow puppet, public speaking, construction, running, football, choir, mindfulness, book, puzzle, dance, carol, quidditch, hiking, Minecraft, Spanish, TKF, bingo, yoga and archery club!

Afterschool Clubs Letter Hevingham Oct 23

Afterschool Clubs Letter Marsham Oct 23