Parental Involvement

As a school, we believe in involving the families of our children with their learning and have many opportunities across the year where parents are invited to participate in a school setting. These opportunities vary from learning conversations with the teacher, to the children presenting their work to the parents and days where parents can get involved in their child’s work.

Learning Conversations

Twice a year we invite parents to speak directly with the class teacher so they can understand how their child is progressing with their learning.  The teacher will explain the child’s targets for the year as well as sharing the strengths of the child.  We encourage the children to participate in these meetings and hear first-hand where they are exceling and what their next steps are for improvement.

Family Learning Days

Once a term, we open the school up for parents to come and get involved with their child’s learning.  Our family learning days are set around a theme and there will be a mixture of activities for the children, and their families, to get involved in.  Previous themes have been maths, music and friendship.

SAW Days

A day dedicated to science!  We have three SAW (science, art, writing) days a year – one each term.  Parents are invited to work with their child across the course of the day.  The theme will be set in advance and the day starts with a science lesson where the children are fully engaged in all things science.  The English and art learning follows on from the science where everything is linked together.  Please follow the link below to find out more information about SAW.


All of the dates for this year’s parental involvement days and activities can be found on our key dates document.


Please see comments below from parents from our most recent Presentation of Learning:


‘Fantastic presentation. Well taught, enthusiastic pupils’

‘Great to see children in the classroom environment and their progression with phonics. Great hearing about imagination of the children’

‘All children are so polite and really get involved in all events its lovely to see the respect & strong relationships between staff and pupils’

‘Lovely to see the children in the school happy and engaged. Good to speak with the teachers too’.

‘Grateful to be able to come in regularly and join in with the children’s learning’