Hevingham and Marsham Working in Partnership

Both schools are ideally situated just north of Norwich and in pleasant rural locations. The schools were originally built in the traditional red brick and pantile style of many Norfolk village schools. Both schools have been extensively remodelled and are extremely well-equipped, clean and comfortable.

Hevingham and Marsham schools have been working in partnership since 1999.  Children are normally admitted to the school in their own village.  However there are occasions when the school and family may discuss whether a place in the partnership school may be more appropriate.

The schools are independent from each other, however much is ‘shared’. We have one federated governing body that works across both schools. Teaching and non-teaching staff, governors and of course children work together across both schools.

Our partnership is very well established. We are able to work flexibly across the schools. Staff are encouraged to find ways to maximise social learning for children, from both schools, to work together.  An excellent example of this is when the classes work together throughout theme weeks that take place throughout the year. We value and celebrate our traditional roles at the heart of our communities and are also very forward thinking to enable us to maximise the advantages of our rural locations with new innovative ideas.  Our collective staff are enthusiastic and very committed to the successful education of our children.