Hiking and Adventure club- summer 17!

Back by popular demand….

We’ve met fairies in a fairy tunnel, eaten wild raspberries, had some conversations with some cows, and generally adventured around!

We’ve had two fantastic KS2 leaders, and lots of very curious Smaller adventurers learning and enjoying the wonderful nature we have available five minutes from our door.

Immersive Environment – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Penguin Class – Art Family Learning Day

Thank you to all who attended the Family Learning Day on Wednesday 3rd February.  The children had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed exploring various artistic techniques.

Penguin classes art focus was Gustav Klimt’s ‘Tree of Life’.



Klimt lived between 1862 – 1918.  His work was very different to other artists of his era, particularly his ‘Golden Phase’ and was often seen and judged negatively due to its bright colours and use of gold leaf.  One of his most well-known pieces was called ‘The Kiss’.

This half term the children have been drawing the ‘Tree of Life’ by following a six step process before colouring.  Before beginning to draw the children discussed the meaning of the piece of which they decided that they tree represented memories.  The tree holds the memories, with the mushrooms being the long term memories that cannot be forgotten and the colours (or leaves) on the ground represented the forgotten memories.

Here are some examples of the children’s work they have developed so far.  The final pieces will be available to view at our art gallery which will be held before the Easter break (date to follow).

To help the school experience the work each class has been doing throughout this half term we allowed the children from both Hevingham and Marsham to move around and have a go themselves, always considering the benefits of Austin’s Butterfly and growth mindset.  The children worked amazingly and offered one another some reassuring and beneficial advice to further improve and develop their drawings.  Here are some pictures and quotes from this workshop.

“If we get things wrong we can listen to our partner and think about the parts we need to improve.” – Harry Douglass (Year 3/4)

“You need to make this line darker so it stands out more.” – Reece Norman (Year 5/6)

“I looked at the way the branches moved and gave it a go my own way.  You need to be careful with your spirals.” – Hannah Burt (Year 3/4)

“Look at Eli’s.  He’s improved on that one to that one.  I think Mrs Pickering will like this second one.” – Luca Upton (Year 3/4)

“You’re doing really well but if you do more curls and make it come out a bit more the colours will stand out.” – Kayla Frost (Year 1/2)

“What a lovely afternoon.  Every sketch and pastel picture I saw was so pretty.  Very talented children.” – Sally B (Mum)

“Very interesting to see young and old children confidently leading and guiding older and younger children within today’s sessions.” – L Findlay (Mum)

Nocturnal Animals – 14.1.16


We had a visit from two local lifeguards.  They told us the meaning of each flag which we later practised outside.  We also looked at the clothing they wore for different situations.

Red and yellow = Safe to swim between these two flags as lifeguards are watching.

Black and white = Dangerous waters, no swimming.

Sock flag = No inflatables as you can be carried away by the tide.

Henry Blogg

The children have been researching the history of Henry Blogg.  They discovered many interesting facts prior to our visit to his museum at Cromer.

Penguin Class – Ocean Theme

Here are some picture of our ocean themed classroom.  It was lovely to see the children’s and parent’s faces as everyone arrived on the first day of term!  Thank you for coming to class and sharing stories with your child(ren) at the end of the day.

On the radio!

Mr Dick Hutchison visited out school recently to interview the children.  They were asked, ‘What super power they would most like and why?’.