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Science Morning Family learning Day Year 3/4

On Friday children from year 3 and 4 planned and taught a lesson to children and parents from year 5 and 6.

The learning was based around work we had been doing this term on food chains. The children planned and led the teaching and they also supported the parents and year 5 and 6 children in doing two activities. The first was to create a mind map to show examples of producers, primary consumers and secondary consumers. The second activity was to link animals and plants from a particular habitat into a food web.

Parents Feedback Comments

“Thank you for a fun group. firstly nice to be welcomed in. Secondly very helpful to have the slide show which clearly explained what we were doing. Well structured all children seemed to be enjoying it.”

“Invited into the classroom , made to feel welcome and the activity explained really well and fantastic group involvement. Thank you –  I learnt a lot.”

” A really good way for the children to learn and show their knowledge”

“I always enjoy coming into the children’s classes and joining in with their learning.”
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