Kestrel Class (Yr3/4/5/6)

Class 2’s Trip to the Sainsbury Centre of Visual Arts

The Year 3/4/5 children from Marsham had a fantastic trip to the Sainsbury Centre of Visual Arts.  It began with a tour around the gallery, some sketching of objects and then ended with the children taking part in a workshop to create their own masks.  The children had a brilliant time learning about different portraits and the purpose of masks.  IMG_0004 IMG_0005 IMG_0011 (2) IMG_0019 (19) IMG_0021 (23) IMG_0021 IMG_0023 (27) IMG_0025 (31) IMG_0034 (43) IMG_0035 (44) IMG_0036 (45) IMG_0038 IMG_0039 (47) IMG_0041 (49) IMG_0049 (54) IMG_0050 (55) IMG_0054 (57) IMG_0057 (60) IMG_0059 (62) IMG_0067 (69)