Science Week Kestrels Class ” If you burn something it gets smaller.”

We carried out an investigation into burning today as part of science week. We wanted to see if anything that is burnt always gets smaller…we knew this happened with log fires..wood turns into ash after a fire… watch the video and see what happens in our experiment. The children will write up their notes soon and we will add them to the video.

Dodgeball Tournament AHS March 2017

Children from Hevingham and Marsham took part in the AHS Dodgeball tournament run by Mrs Zulu and the year 10’s. It was great fun – we all really loved it. 

Gymnastics @ Marsham

Our theme this term in class 2 has been “Where are the wild things?” We have spent time researching and finding out about wild animals that live in the region. We went on a trip to see the seals and seal pups at Horsey Gap and in PE we looked at the way animals move and tried to create some movements of our own. Here is an example of Acer performing his movement to music.

World Book Day @ Marsham!

Children came to school today dressed as a character  from their favourite book. Everyone made a fantastic effort with outfits and props to bring each character to life! Thank-you to all the parents who went out of their way to support their children in doing this. Reading is one of the most fundamentally important life skill and research shows that confident readers usually excel in many other areas of life. Below are some photographs of our outfits.

Kestrel Class Music Performance

Daily Mile

Piglet Class are really enjoying taking part in the Daily Mile!


This term our philosophical question is ‘Why did we invent machines?’ We will be thinking about different types of machines and what they can do for us.

Our learning environment includes a time machine, a transport area, a construction site, a rocket and a human sized robot that the children made!

Class 2’s Trip to the Sainsbury Centre of Visual Arts

The Year 3/4/5 children from Marsham had a fantastic trip to the Sainsbury Centre of Visual Arts.  It began with a tour around the gallery, some sketching of objects and then ended with the children taking part in a workshop to create their own masks.  The children had a brilliant time learning about different portraits and the purpose of masks.  IMG_0004 IMG_0005 IMG_0011 (2) IMG_0019 (19) IMG_0021 (23) IMG_0021 IMG_0023 (27) IMG_0025 (31) IMG_0034 (43) IMG_0035 (44) IMG_0036 (45) IMG_0038 IMG_0039 (47) IMG_0041 (49) IMG_0049 (54) IMG_0050 (55) IMG_0054 (57) IMG_0057 (60) IMG_0059 (62) IMG_0067 (69)

Our Class Treat

We worked hard to earn ourselves 20 shiny shells for a class treat! We made suggestions for what we would like to do and voted for a Teddy Bears Picnic!