Hevingham’s Key stage 2 Christmas Performance

An intergalactic mission to discover the many meanings of Christmas with spectacular singing, amazing animal-ing and fantastic friendship.

Happy Christmas everyone- have a wonderful break everyone.

Marsham’s Christmas Nativity

A spectacular retelling of the birth of the beginning of Christianity. Realistic sheep, wonderful Christingles and beautiful singing abound in this performance!

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone – see you in a few weeks.

Hevingham’s Christmas Nativity

Happy Christmas everyone! Here is the brand-new Nativity play lovingly created by Fox and Hedgehog classes.

Have a wonderful holiday everyone – enjoy a well-earned rest.

Hiking and Adventure club – Forestry work!

For our final H&A club this Autumn term, we went to seek out a pair of christmas trees; one for Hevingham and one for Marsham. We did some quick measuring, needing a tree approximately ‘Miss Greenfield’ tall, and another ‘Mr Gibbons and a half’ tall too. We then bundled our chosen beauties back into the minibus, and took them to their homes!