Meet Our School Council

Each class voted for their new school council members.  Two children were chosen from each class to represent their school.  There will be regular meetings with Mrs Howard with the minutes posted below.

Hevingham Primary School

Owl Class –

Penguin Class – Mia Miller (Yr 2) and William Barrell (Yr 1)

Crocodile Class – Kitty Excell (Yr 3) and Elise Watkins (Yr 4)

Gibbon Class – Jake Parsons (Yr 5), Georgina Abbs (Yr 5), Caitlin Roshier (Yr 6) and Louis Hoggett (Yr 6)

Marsham Primary School

Piglet Class – Alfie Dereham (Yr 1), Chloe Neale (Yr 2) and Trinity Cowdry (Yr 2)

Kestrel Class – Katie Owen-Raymond (Yr 3), Amber Coates (Yr 5) and Tegan Batley (Yr 5)


School Council Minutes